Worthington Center Advisory Group (Pedagogy)

For a student to have a rewarding and lasting educational experience, three elements must be present: a coherent and challenging curriculum, outstanding instruction that invites engagement, and a robust assessment process to measure levels of success.  In the Fall of 2005, then Provost Sue DeWine called together a group of faculty and charged them with responsibility for creating and sustaining an environment favorable to engaged teaching and learning.  The group was soon formalized as the Pedagogy Committee.

The Committee has pursued its charge along several avenues.  Regular workshops for instructors have been organized and have been led by invited speakers and Marietta faculty.  Topics have included critical thinking in the classroom, learning communities, and the senior capstone experience. 

The committee has also provided funding for a variety of activities and equipment aimed at enhancing the pedagogical content of course, ranging from start-up costs for an on-line chemistry course to transcription of original manuscripts for use in an English course.  Examples of funding supports are given under the nearby tab, “Recent Grants.”  The area for funding has been interpreted broadly by the Committee and includes support for adjunct instructors.  Instructors who think they have an activity that will improve their classroom effectiveness or a piece of equipment that will enhance a course, should write up a proposal – probably a page will suffice.  Any member of the committee will be pleased to meet with an interested instructor to discuss and develop a proposal.

Committee Members
Dawn Carusi, Chair
Alane Sanders
Jane Dailey
Ihor Pidhainy
Md Rakibul Sakar
Linda Roesch