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The Faculty Manual replaces the Fourth Edition of the Faculty Handbook and Fundamental Bylaws (1986) and differs from its predecessor in organization. The Manual consists of two parts: the Faculty Handbook articulates the relationship between the individual faculty member and the College, and the Faculty Constitution deals with guidelines for faculty governance. Both have appendices containing more ephemeral, but still important material possibly subject to frequent changes, such as procedures, forms and timetables used by committees.

The new Manual also differs in content from its predecessor in key areas. A clearer expression is provided of what faculty can expect of each other as teachers, scholars, and colleagues. These expectations are the foundations for a more structured faculty review process leading to reappointment, tenure, and promotion of faculty. The Manual contains a new faculty grievance procedure, addresses procedures for termination and dismissal, and extends the functions of the Professional Review Committee. Eligibility for membership on Faculty Council has been broadened, while the definition of the voting faculty has been narrowed. As Faculty Council drafted the new document, use was made of the AAUP Policy Documents & Reports, 1990 edition, and faculty handbooks of several colleges were consulted.

From the outset, Faculty Council took on responsibility for the revision process and the successful conclusion owes much to the patience and leadership of successive chairs of faculty, Carol Steinhagen, 1993-95, and Robert Walker, 1995-97, as they steered the Manual through faculty meetings over three years and also worked with a trustee subcommittee of Laura A. Baudo ('68), George W. Fenton, John N. Gardner ('65), and Philip J. Kaszar ('78). Throughout the revision, Provosts Rew Godow and Roger Pitasky were significant contributors of ideas, support and guidance. But ultimate responsibility for the Manual rests with the faculty who passed it on March 17, 1997. Approval by the trustees was granted on February 14, 1997.

The Faculty Manual was effective as of July 1, 1997.


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